5 new NFT projects to watch on OpenSea

Written By Charles Chimezirim

In this post, we’ll be highlighting the top new NFT projects on OpenSea. Our methodology is based on their trading volumes in the last 30 days as reported by OpenSea. The projects are based on their trading volumes in June 2022 going forward. 

Also, note that this list covers all the NFTs projects running across the five chains currently supported on OpenSea. So if there are more Ethereum-based NFTs in the list, it means they performed better on OpenSea in the last 30 days. The same applies to other chains.

1. Primates

“Built for the community, by the community,” Primates is a Solana-based project with a growing community of an estimated 275,000 followers and 180,000 members on Twitter and Discord, respectively. 

At the time of writing, there are around 4,300 Primates NFT holders of the 10,000 Primates NFT collection. Primates recorded a sales volume of roughly 260,000 SOL in June (around 8.84 million USD), with an average floor price between 18.0 and 18.6 SOL.

Image credit — Primates on OpenSea.io

2.  Moonrunners

Moonrunners NFT claims to be free-to-mint, in which it mints pixelated wolf-like characters called Moonrunners and auctions them for free. However, collectors pay for the gas fees and customary charges used to mint these art pieces.

Moonrunners had a trading volume of an estimated 7,250 ETH in June alone, and its sales have continued to rise (approximately 700% in the last week of June) due to the buzz surrounding free-to-mint projects like Goblintown.

Currently, there is a collection of 9,500 Moonrunners NFTs on OpenSea and around 4,400 holders. The average floor price on the Moonrunners collection is between 0.25 and 0.26 ETH.

Image credit — Moonrunners on OpenSea

3. Gossamer Seed

Gossamer Seed is a 10,000 collection of mysterious NFT fairies and fireflies. It is an Ethereum-based project created by the Canadian-based media house BRON Studios.

With approximately 3,700 owners, Gossamer Seed recorded a sales volume of roughly 3,600 ETH (an estimated 3.8 million USD at the time of writing). The average floor price on the Gossamer Seed collection is between 0.42 and 0.421 ETH.

Gossamer Seed is focused on building a strong community on Discord and Twitter. The community will comprise exclusive access to a club of holders and enthusiasts.

Image credit — Gossamer Seed on OpenSea

4. Sneakerheads

Sneakerheads is an NFT project featuring uniquely minted art pieces of human heads modeled after sneakers. The Sneakerheads NFT collection was created by Twitter–verified digital artist, Ali Dawood.

Sneakerheads surpassed a trading volume of 2,800 ETH in June. This is coming after its holder-base reached a milestone of around 3,000 collectors. An average Sneakerheads NFT sells for about 0.3 ETH in a collection of 5,000 NFTs.

Image credit — Sneakerheads on OpenSea

5. LonelyPop

LonelyPop aims to take on mental health challenges by creating a community of NFT holders and showing solidarity.

LonelyPop is a fast-growing project, evident in its sales volume (approximately 2,600 ETH) and a Twitter community of more than 100,000 followers.

LonelyPop launched in March 2022 as a 10,000 NFT drop collection, and currently has roughly 4,800 holders. The floor price to get a LonelyPop NFT is between 0.07 and 0.08 ETH.

Image credit — LonelyPop on OpenSea


This list is dynamic, and some of the above projects may not remain at the top longer than they may appear. You should carry out due diligence and do your research before making any decision about buying NFTs.

Many more NFT projects are coming up, and it will be important to visit OpenSea.io regularly to check out the latest collections to join!

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