Alyssia Aguilar aka ‘The Lofty Mom’ shares her journey, passions, Mexican culture through NFT art

Written By Miranda

Alyssia Aguilar, also known as “The Lofty Mom” – is a Latina artist based out of Houston, Texas.
She is a wife, mom, illustration artist, and a proud Latina woman who  joined the NFT space in February 2021 after learning about it through Clubhouse. Alyssia said she saw NFTs as new way to grow as an artist and to also share her story. 

In 2017, Alyssia and her husband, Mark, went through a difficult pregnancy which led to the birth of their twins at 25 weeks gestation, she said. Sixteen days later, one of the twins, their son, passed away from sepsis. During this very difficult time, Alyssia said she used her art to begin her healing process and to help her navigate her emotions.

She donated art she created to other families with children in the newborn intensive care unit and also to Sepsis Alliance, a California-based non-profit. She said doing this helped her find meaning in what she was doing and deepened her love of creating. 

Since joining the NFT space, Alyssia said she has worked to build community through sharing her story, her passion and her pride in being a Latina artist, wife and mom. 

Alyssia’s art has been collected by well-known members of the NFT space – including World of Women Fund, Randi Zuckerberg, Eva Longoria Baston, Nyla Hayes Collection, Women and Weapons, and more. 

She has worked on collaborations with big brands. like SHEIN, and she is an official Twitter Creator – and admin of the first Women in NFT Community page on Twitter, which she continues to build through showing up consistently each day. Active in the community and Twitter Spaces, Alyssia said she likes to share her passion and excitement with others. 

Her art can be found on Foundation, Known Origin, and OpenSea under her name, “The Lofty Mom.”

Want to learn more? Listen to our Twitter Space with Alyssia now! 

Source: The Lofty Mom

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