Anthony Hopkins, OneOf, Stepn, Rarible, Binance form partnerships to launch Web3 projects

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Web3 cannot be stopped. It has recreated pieces of music history, incorporated the sports world, and become a part of our lifestyles.

This week,  Anthony Hopkins brought a touch of Hollywood to NFTs, Stepn, Binance, Rarible, and OneOf formed partnerships to launch new Web3 projects.

Here is what you need to know.

Fans of the Oscars will love this new entry of Oscar winner, Anthony Hopkins. He has created an NFT collection dubbed “The Eternal Collection” that will be auctioned on OpenSea over three installments. The collection features diverse archetypes based on his iconic screen images.

The collection resulted from a partnership between Anthony and Orange Comet.

Are you a fan of Jimmy Hendrix? OneOf and Globe Entertainment and Media have partnered to create the Legends of Rock: Summer of Love NFT collection. It will also feature photographer Jill Gibson.

The collection features 99 limited editions of a rare Jimi Hendrix print photo.

If you want to earn by working out, you must have heard of Stepn, a run-to-earn blockchain platform. Stepn has collaborated with Spanish Football Club, Atlético de Madrid, and Whalefin, a crypto exchange. Their partnership will create an NFT running shoe collection.

The collection consists of 1001 Atlético de Madrid shoes with extra utility for holders.

After seeing Magic Eden pitch to create an exclusive marketplace for Bored Ape yacht Club, Rarible had something of its own to offer. Rarible has also pitched an exclusive NFT marketplace for BAYC but without marketplace fees.

The marketplace will also aggregate other listings including LooksRare and OpenSea

Football season is upon us and Binance is here for it with their new partnership. Binance has partnered with Società Sportiva Lazio. This partnership will help it launch its NFT ticketing system.

The partnership is valid for the 2022-2023 season and will provide access to NFT tickets for the club’s home matches.

While the entertainment industry is not a new player in NFTs, ticketing in the sports world is. It is a new use case that is starting to take off. Partnerships with big centralized crypto exchanges like Binance and big football clubs like Lazio could be an indicator of what is ahead for the sports world and NFTs.

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