Art Angels, SuperRare collaborate on Metaverse gallery, female-focused exhibition

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Web3 is no longer a space just for “bros.”

Many female-led projects, artists, creators, and communities are changing the status quo – and there is no slowing down with more projects hitting the NFT scene every day.

One of the latest projects is the Meta Spectrum. Art Angels in collaboration with SuperRare have created a female-focused digital curation. It features unique works from 10 female artists.

What is the project about? The project allows the artists to express their unique energetic frequencies. They express them through various perspectives, mediums, stylistic preferences, subject matter, and color.

The result? A gorgeous digital landscape to encourage self-expression, love, growth, and individuality. How? Through color therapy.

But who are the artists?

But wait, there’s more. Art Angels also launched, “After The Rain,” the first solo exhibition by Stefania Nazzal. Her artworks inspire creativity and whimsy but are also intended to restore equilibrium to the human body.

Along with the two physical exhibitions, Art Angels will debut their metaverse gallery. It will be in Decentraland with artworks from both physical and digital artists.

How cool is that! Check the Twitter buzz:

We cannot get enough of projects adding more power to women in Web3.

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