Asia Crypto Girls are Changing Stereotypes Through NFTs

Written By Aira De Guzman

Making a mark in an industry is hard enough but when you add entry difficulty, it looks like an impossible mountain. A lot of dreams have been held back because of stereotypes but there is a movement with a vision to change this for the better.

Asia Crypto Girls (ACG), a Naffiti NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain launches in April. 

What does it hope to do? To recognize and celebrate talented, beautiful and empowered female artists in Asia. The collection will include 2,000 unique decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) passes displaying different aspects of the female artists. 

The inaugural collection will feature four independent Hong Kong artists- Rose Ma, Poyan Fung, Michelle Kwok, and Renee Li. Each artist will make up 500 DAO passes with three different themes photographed by acclaimed fashion photographer Dicky Ma. 

The passes will showcase each artist’s journey into the metaverse. Rose will address the topic of self-love because of her experience with body shaming; Michelle about her relationship with art; and Renee and Poyan about their freedom from the invisible boundaries of society. 

With your ACG pass, you can access their NFT community. Soon, holders will also be able to access the ACG MetaMembers’ Club in Sandbox where you can enjoy exciting social events with the ACGs, exclusive workshops, and seminars hosted by blockchain experts.

More so, the collection has four ranks; R, SR, SS, and SSS. SSS is the highest rank. Each rank comes with different levels of benefits including access to the MetaMembers’ Club, WL/airdrop of future special projects and a physical ACG autographed pass.

The ACG NFT collection is breaking down stereotypes and providing a platform for female artists in Web 3.0 to propel them to succeed in the industry. That’s why we love them. 

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