Black Queen NFTs Celebrate Black Women of All Shades

Written By Aira De Guzman

Racism and sexism are ugly and nobody should have to experience them.

Unfortunately, many Black women are victims of both.

Movements like the Black Queen NFT project are working to help. 

The Black Queen NFT project was founded by Allie Walker in partnership with BGI studio. Allie is a successful marketing agency owner and Realtor who experienced racism and sexism through her life. At the tender age of seven years, she moved to rural upstate New York where she faced frequent racist comments about her skin color and hair. Later, during her career, she experienced sexism when she was passed over for an executive role because of her gender. Her experiences fueled her to educate the world and build up black women of all shades. This led to the creation of a set of 10,000 handmade and diverse Black Queen NFTs. 

Black Queen NFTs are available on OpenSea. They are based on an A.I.-generated woman named “Keisha.” The name honors a colleague’s late wife who died of cancer. She embodied mothers, wives, professionals, students, activists and educators breaking down color barriers. The ultra-realistic Keisha combines randomized facial features of a million black women representing the Black female community across the globe. 

Through an algorithm created by NamePress, with Keisha as the base image, Allie has created different variations with multiple sets of accessories, jewelry, hair styles, makeup and clothing. A couple of themes from the collection include African Queens, Butterfly Queens, Natural Queens, Country Queens and Zodiac Queens. 

Ten percent of the proceeds from The Black Queen Project will be reinvested into Black crypto art to support more Black creators. 

Congratulations to the Black Queens NFT project for creating positive change within racism and sexism dynamics in the real world and Web 3.0.

Learn more about Allie’s vision. 

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