‘Breakchains with Blockchain’: Freeing Women, Reuniting Families

Written By Aira De Guzman

A few things feel better than being reunited with family after being separated for a while. The feeling is amplified further when it’s your mother. 

On March 21, 2022, which is Mother’ Day in Egypt, Syria and most other Arab countries, Horizon FCB Dubai launched the Breakchains with Blockchain campaign in Egypt. Its mission? To make “Al Gharemaat” or “The Fined” a thing of the past. 

“Al Gharemaat” refers to tens of thousands of women in Egypt that are sent to prison. for defaulting on loans of a few hundred dollars. 

What is sad about this is that these loans are meant to help them cover bills for medicine, emergencies, and other family needs. Unfortunately, when they default, they receive significant prison sentences that steal them from their families. 

Each “Breakchains with Blockchain” NFT is based on the story of one of the imprisoned women and why she was imprisoned. The price of the NFT is equal to how much each woman needs to be freed and given a second chance. Horizon FCB Dubai is collaborating with the Children of Female Prisoners Association, an NGO in Egypt. By using NFTs, the partnership is fundraising for donations and creating awareness about Al Gharemaat across the world.

This is an important, innovative cause we love.

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