Let’s Talk About ch-ch-ch-Chia

Written By Aira De Guzman

There is a new – green – cryptocurrency in town. Have you heard of it?

Chia, which has been noted as a potential “greener, faster and more decentralised alternative to Bitcoin,” just overtook Ethereum as the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine in the general EU area. Do you want the scoop on this project? Listen to the podcast now. 

  • Special guests:
    – Chia Founder and CEO Bram Cohen (@bramcohen) – Creator of BitTorrent
    – Chia COO Gene Hoffman (@hoffmang) – Formerly Vindicia, eMusic, PGP
    – Digital Spaceport Founder and YouTuber Jerod Moore (@gospaceport)
  • Hosted by: Kelly Ann Collins (@itskac), Founder and CEO of Vult Lab and Co-founder of Meta Art, along with Crypto Enthusiast @RodniCypher
  • Moderated by: Meta Art (@inthemetaart)

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