Chris Brown, John Dean Merge NFTs to Educate, Empower Creatives

Written By Simon Mwebaze

What do you get when you put music, streetwear, and NFTs together? A streetwear NFT collection by Chris Brown and Renowned’s John Dean.

The two collaborated with Next Gen Creative Studio and BlackNFTART to create the Auracles NFT collection. The project is led by an all-Black creative team of web developers and 3D designers.

The avatars are based on a Black shape-shifting superhero who “travels throughout time influencing the world.” To sweeten the NFT release, a streetwear range will be launched on the same date, May 10.

The streetwear pieces will feature on select avatars with the option to redeem and buy them in real life.

What is the goal of the project? To educate and empower creatives to take part in the crypto/Web3 community. To do this, the project will give out 111 free Aruacle NFTs to black people new to NFTs.

Any project influencing positive Web3 change for the black community is a must-watch. That is why we love them.

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