Clinique, Daz 3D partner on inclusive NFT campaign

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Beauty brands are creating NFTs to increase inclusivity and diversity in Web3. You might have heard of brands, like L’Oréal, Estee Lauder and MAC. who have made NFTs associated with wearables and accessories for such causes.

Clinique, an Estee Lauder brand, is not new to the space. It created its first NFT last year – and now it’s adding a new set of NFTs as a part of its “Metaverse More Like Us” campaign.

The campaign’s main goal is to challenge unrealistic beauty standards and champion individuality. It plans to do this by addressing the lack of diverse avatars and the marginalization that currently exists in the digital world.

To create the NFTs, Clinique did not go at this on its own. The company collaborated with Daz 3D – popular for creating one of the world’s most inclusive NFP (Non-Fungible People) collections.

“From our ground-breaking NFT collections, like Non-Fungible People, to this partnership with Clinique, we are breaking barriers and challenging the status quo,” Daz’s Senior Vice President of eCommerce Jessica Rizzuto said. “Through this campaign and the stunning NFT makeup looks, we are proud to bring this to life in the Metaverse.”

The creators include makeup artists – Tess Daly, Sheika Daley and Emira D’Spain – who created two looks each to fit all skin tones, face shapes and hairstyles. More so, the makeup artists will use their favorite Clinique products to share the inspiration behind their looks on social media.

“From the beginning, Clinique has always been committed to developing products that deliver exceptional results and address all skin concerns, whilst delivering better experiences for our consumers along the journey. Our mission to be in the service of all skin means that we’re dedicated to increasing inclusivity everywhere our brand connects with consumers, and that commitment is no different in the metaverse,” said Carolyn Dawkins, SVP at Clinique. “As the metaverse is blossoming, we know that what we create today can positively impact the beauty standards of the future. We are proud to collaborate with leaders in the space, such as Daz 3D, and artists who help us bring optimism through artistry.”

These NFTs are being gifted by Clinique to randomly-chosen NFP avatar holders in accordance with Clinique’s Terms and Conditions. The three drops will kick-off this summer, with drops happening in July, August, and the third drop in September. Follow Clinique on Twitter for all the fun!

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