Coachella NFT Collectibles Unlock Lifetime Passes, Philanthropy, Experiences

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Coachella has auctioned off 10 NFTs that will serve as stand-ins for lifetime festival passes with some of the money going to charities, like GiveDirectlyLideres Campesinas, and Find Food Bank.

Called the Coachella Keys Collection, the 10 NFTs offer owners lifetime festival access and VIP on-site experiences for 2022 that include front row seats at the Coachella Stage, on-stage access at a specific tent, or a celebrity chef dinner.

The auction winners will get passes for one weekend Coachella event each year and permanent access to “virtual experiences” produced by Coachella. If owners choose to sell their NFT(s), the new owner will inherit the benefits.

Additionally, as part of its partnership with FTX, Coachella has launched an “environmentally friendly” NFT marketplace.

The NFTs are minted on Solana, a blockchain platform that consumes less energy than other blockchains, according to Coachella’s website. FTX has also stated it will purchasing 100,000 tons of carbon offsets through two providers in an effort to “take ownership over its portion of the environmental costs of mining.”

To check out the NFT collection head over to

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