Movers and Shakers: Coinbase, OpenSea, Kucoin, Billboard, PGA Tour Make Web3 Strides

Written By Simon Mwebaze

There is never time to sleep in Web3. Close your eyes and you will miss out on a new project or a new brand entering the space.

This week, Coinbase, OpenSea, and Kucoin added features while Billboard and the PGA Tour created collaborations for Web3 projects.

Check out what they did.

While bear markets may seem uneventful, they are the best time to create Web3 projects for the future. Coinbase is taking matters into its own hands by unveiling a Web3 launchpad. This will be with the help of a technology stack called Node.

The launchpad will facilitate NFT, Gaming, and DeFi applications.

OpenSea has already added four networks to its platform. The platforms are Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Klaytn. Now, it is adding Arbitrum, a layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution.

Some of the first NFT collections to be uploaded include Smolverse, GMX Blueberry Club, and Diamond Pepes.

The incubation and investment branch of Kucoin, Kucoin Labs is partnering with Bidshop. The partnership plans to assist holders in generating additional liquidity streams.

Bidshop is a great partner because of its unique approach termed reverse auctions, which gives NFT owners more power and improves buyers’ success prospects.

Billboard plans to offer fans an elevated experience through its new partnership. It has teamed up with Intel Evo to release the free Intel Evo VIP Pass. The Pass is a four-part NFT drop on Billboard ChartStars.

The first drop was on September 20 and the next one is on September 26.

2023 looks like a great year for golf in Web3. A new partnership between Autograph and the PGA Tour plans to create a comprehensive digital collectibles non-fungible token (NFT) platform.

When it launches in 2023, platform users will be able to earn rewards.

Building together looks like the way forward in the Web3 space. Collaborations between sports, music, and other real-world brands and Web3 brands gives real-world brands the boost they need to make it in Web3.

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