Into The Meta Launches Community Voices

Written By Kelly Ann Collins

Become a Community Contributor!

At Into The Meta News, we believe that Web3 will change the way we connect to one another forever. We see a future that is more accessible, decentralized and open.

We seek to build this future by harnessing the power of human imagination and ingenuity for good. The promise of Web3 — a bold new future that will leave no industry, craft, or enterprise untouched relies on the wisdom and experience of thought leaders and visionaries. 

That’s why asking for creative, innovative and insightful minds to contribute their opinions to our Community Voices section.

Into The Meta News will post a question on a monthly basis. Contributors are invited to submit original work addressing the topic and sharing insights.

Community Voices Question of the Month: 

How is the Metaverse changing creativity?


Rules and Guidelines for Submission

  • Correctly fill all required submission form fields.
  • Clearly address the question and share original ideas on the given topic. 
  • Properly attribute all source material.
  • Submissions should be 300 to 450 words.

All submissions are final. Please note that you cannot edit your work after submitting. Please avoid follow up questions.  At its discretion, Into The Meta may reach out to authors for clarifications or concerns.

What happens after I submit?

  1. Into The Meta staff will perform an initial review your submission and fact check any claims.
  2. Your submission will be edited to conform to AP style and Into The Meta News internal style conventions.
  3. Into The Meta staff will publish your contribution to the Community Voices section.

After your contribution is live, we encourage you to share it with your network and amplify. You may republish an article online, but you must properly credit Into The Meta News as the original publisher.

Submit your contribution here!



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