Computer Cowgirls ‘F**K YOU’ NFTs support abortion access

Written By Kelly Ann Collins

Computer Cowgirls’ FUCK YOU collection launched in response to the May 2, 2022, Supreme Court draft leak, revealing the intended overturn of Roe vs. Wade.

In the days and weeks following the leak, Molly Dickson (of Computer Cowgirls) created resistance art – with hopes of raising $3 million USD for organizations that provide abortion access across the country.

The FUCK YOU collection’s smart contract and art was donated to Endaoment, a 501c3 organization, allowing it to sell 10,000 FUCK YOU NFTs. All proceeds from FUCK YOU NFTs are received by Endaoment, and granted to charities with the advisement of COWGIRLDAO . COWGIRLDAO seeks to fund organizations that provide abortion access and send a giant FUCK YOU to anyone standing in the way.

The three FUCK YOU editions fall into three tiers and price points:
– “My Mom Said You’re Not Supreme, Alito” NFTs for .03 eth + gas
– “Kick Rocks, Kavanaugh” NFTs for .09 eth + gas
– “Never Heard of you, Coney Barrett” NFTs for .9 eth + gas

This collection is supported by WOW PIXIES, HUG, CRYPTOVENUS, QUEENS OF THE NIGHT, and more.

Owning a FUCK YOU NFT does not grant you membership to COWGIRLDAO. To learn more about COWGIRLDAO and how to become a member, go here.

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