Cool Cats Partners with Toikido, Brings Merchandise to a Store Near You

Written By Simon Mwebaze

The NFT space has a mixture of successful and unsuccessful NFT collections.

In the world of successful NFTs, you may have heard of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), World of Women, Doodles, and one of our faves: Cool Cats.

Cool Cats is a lucrative NFT project with more than $250 million in sales worldwide – ranking among the top five NFTs globally. Cool Cats has several big-name owners, including corporate brands, celebrities, and artists. They include Reese Witherspoon, TIME, Puma, Steve Aoki, Mario Bautista, and Mike Tyson.

And, now, you can have a Cool Cat, too! With the launch of its toy merchandise partnership with Toikido, you will be seeing Cool Cats off-chain, at a store near you.

Toikido is a London-based entertainment and toy company. It is popular for its toy partnerships with hit brands. They include Among Us, Netflix’s Back to the Outback, Skydance’s Animation LUCK, and the successful game Gang Beasts.

Toikido will create and distribute the Cool Cats merchandise that will launch by the 2022 NFT.NYC conference in June. Expect toys, plushies, and premium merchandise.

What is the goal? To spread awareness of Cool Cats’ Cool Pets Collection. Additionally, the partnership will create exclusive drops for the community and special events.

We can’t wait to get our hands on this cool merchandise.

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