Pro Roe: Crypto Chicks launch ‘Chicks For Change’ to support women’s rights

Written By Kelly Ann Collins

Crypto Chicks just launched a special edition collection of NFTs created to support women’s rights – in response to SCOTUS’ Roe v. Wade decision.

Not familiar with Crypto Chicks? Its first collection, now known as the “OG” collection, was created during the spring and summer of 2021. The 10K Crypto Chicks collection launched in September of 2021 as generative art PFPs, and it has expanded into a vibrant community.

Crypto Chicks’ “primary goal is to empower women in web3” – and the new “Chicks For Change” initiative is doing just that. Live on OpenSea now, all proceeds from “Chick for Change” collections will go to selected nonprofit organizations associated with each featured cause. The current collection benefits Planned Parenthood.

Each “Chick for Change” NFT comes with a story as well, for example:

Chicks For Change #2
Still on babymoon bliss, my wife and I were in line for the movies when I started having a super sharp pain. I ran to the restroom, noticed I was bleeding, and was rushed into the ER. The last thing I remember before losing consciousness was being told that we had experienced a placental abruption and that I was losing a lot of blood. Unfortunately, my wife ended up having to make the call on whether to save me or save the fetus. To this day, she’s thankful she had the support of the hospital staff and didn’t need to jump through hoops while making an already impossible decision.

Chicks For Change #10
I love being pregnant, and I love being a mom! I shouldn’t have to give this disclaimer, but I feel like I do. We were pregnant with our second, and I went in for a routine check up. Even brought my pajama clad toddler with me, chatting it up with the nurses. All of a sudden she went silent, haphazardly excused herself, and came back with the doctor. No fetal heartbeat and what looked like a large fluid sac in almost the entirety of his brain area. They explained my options. I was devastated. They explained the sooner we could remove the better, as every passing day increases my risk, but we also legally had to wait for a set amount of time. Even though my pregnancy was over, laws still somehow governed my uterus. When it came time for the appointment, the provider had to read me a pre-written script informing me I was “ending a life”. It felt like mine was ripped out of me.

Chicks For Change #12

We had an unbelievably difficult fertility journey. It felt like every single step of the way we were the outliers for “what else could possibly go wrong”. On our second round of IVF, we somehow ended up with multiple, viable, implanted eggs. After trying so hard to get pregnant, we had to go through a selective reduction to ensure safety for me and for the babies. It felt like a cruel twist of fate, but being able to access treatment quickly, safely, and in our usual offices helped us through an otherwise very challenging pregnancy.

Check them out on OpenSea. The current auction ends July 6, 2022, at 12:00pm GMT-4.

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