Dapper, RCRDSHP integrate to onboard collectors to music NFT platform

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Streaming music was a god-send for the music industry in the 2000s. Irrespective, music artists are still struggling to increase revenue and add more value.

Only a few artists are enjoying the biggest slice of the pie. But that may be on the verge of changing.

On May 24, 2022, Dapper declared its integration with RCRDSHP. It combines the world’s first publicly available smart wallet with a digital collectibles platform for music. What does this mean? It means that the global music community can access the broader exosystem. The integration will allow Dapper’s more than two million active users to access music NFTs on RCRDSHP.

Dapper brings a recognized easy and secure way to buy and store digital assets. RCRDSHP will encourage fans to support their favorite artists. They will do this through exclusive content and experiences tied to their engagement.

“Dapper’s collaboration with RCRDSHP will accelerate how artists are able to engage audiences with their music,” Mik Naayem, CBO and co-founder of Dapper Labs said. “This integration will allow people to easily onboard to RCRDSHP and seamlessly purchase exclusive NFT-backed music collectibles, enabling more fans to collect music from their favorite artists and artists to benefit from the value they create.”

To kick-off, RCRDSHP will offer a limited-quantity digital collectible pack. The Dapper Starter Pack has a full range of electronic music styles and exclusive tracks. Additionally, if users are among the first 20,000 members to make a qualifying purchase, there is a reward – an extra $10 bonus redeemable on the platform; and a free “RCRDSHP VIP Club” NFT, which offers exclusive access to upcoming monthly challenges and rewards.

“RCRDSHP could not be more excited to announce this integration with Dapper,” RCRDSHP Founder and CEO Obie Fernandez said.

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