Dawn of a New Era for Doodles NFTs?

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Not too long ago, due to poor leadership, we had a “coup” that changed the leadership in the Pudgy Penguins’ camp. Recently, without a coup, another NFT brand is following suit with a change of CEO.

Doodles is a blue-chip NFT that started in 2021. They were founded by Burnt Toast, Evan Keast, and Jordan Castro.

The collection has 10,0000 NFTs owned by some notable collectors. They include Snoop Dog, Justin Bieber, Steve Aoki,  Gary Vee, and Future.

A new dawn is on the horizon at Doodles with the appointment of a new CEO, Julian Holguin. He brings along valuable executive experience from leading strategic growth and innovation.

Have you heard of Billboard before? Julian was President there before his new Doodles role.

What’s the big deal about that? He transformed Billboard. When he came in, it was a music trade magazine. When he left, it was an international multi-platform experience for fans.

But that’s not all he brings to the table in leadership experience. He had leadership roles at MRC Studios, Dick Clark Productions, and NBC Universal.

By onboarding Julian, Doodles is signaling and executing its desire to scale and transcend the current NFT market. More so, into music, gaming, premium content, and consumer goods.

Soon, they plan to build the largest and most loved web3 media brand worldwide.  More so, they will target the mainstream consumer market through culture and entertainment.

What is the buzz on Twitter?

Holy holy holy holy this is the exact perfect move!!!!! This will bring Doodles to success by embracing a broader audiences! This is also literally the mission Doodles have from Day 1! So Proud! – @Howard_doodles

Nice move. This will pay dividends as we move down the line. – @mikejewing

Very bullish on@doodles rn more than ever…@billboard president, Julian Holguin, has stepped down to become the new@doodles #NFT project CEO… lmao he worked their for 10+ years… – @_AndresSalinas_

Bringing on@jholguin, President of Billboard, as the new CEO is super bullish… LFG!!! Wen @doodles Top 100? – @MrJamesonNeat

Soon, Doodles will reveal the next phase of groundbreaking projects, transformative partnerships, and its vision & roadmap.

The future looks promising.

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