Did You Miss the Solana NFT Collection Outshining Popular Ethereum NFTs?

Written By Simon Mwebaze

When we talk blue chip, the first place our minds head to is the Ethereum blockchain.

But some people are saying we may need a change of perspective. Is this the Solana NFT project to do it?

Have you heard of Okay Bears? Okay Bears is a Solana-based PFP (Profile Picture) NFT collection. It launched on Magic Eden with a collection of 10,000 avatars. The avatars have random traits, colors, and outfits. What makes Okay Bears special? For one, you usually hear of Ethereum-based NFTs going blue chip. But this NFT collection is breaking the trend by bringing attention to Solana.

Okay Bears launched in April on Solana and broke trading volume records. More so, the collection beat other popular Ethereum NFT collections in 24-hour trading volumes. The collections they out-shined are VeeFriends, Meebits, and Imaginary Ones. Besides breaking trading volume records, they promise perks and benefits for holders soon. The perks and benefits include “Bear drops” and a welcome pack.

What’s cooking at Okay Bears in the meantime? They are meeting with the Magic Eden team to discuss potential future collaborations with Shopify and Sony. And, they also have merchandise plans with lifestyle brands including hoodies and wristbands.

Okay Bears has ambitious plans to become a Web3 brand making waves in the physical world.

Watch this space.


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