Elton John NFT to benefit AIDS Foundation

Written By Simon Mwebaze

The NFT wave is not going anywhere soon. Athletes, artists, and brands across the world are leveraging the power of NFTs for various real-world benefits.

Music artists seem to be taking a significant interest in NFTs. We already have the likes of Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, plus many more making moves in NFTs. Elton John is the latest to make a grand entry.

Today (June 22, 2022), he will auction a Rocket Man NFT hoverboard. It was created in partnership with Jadu and Sweet.

“Whilst I’m no metaverse expert (!) I wanted to make sure that my first NFT was something true to me, and collaborating with LGBTQ+ artist Voxel Bunny and Jadu on something so unique which benefits the Elton John AIDS Foundation for Pride month was the perfect opportunity,” Elton John said. “Web3 has the potential to bring people from across the world together like never before and I’m excited for the opportunities to connect with my fans in a vibrant and growing community.”

The hoverboard design created by Voxel Bunny references a keyboard pinball machine. It pays homage to Elton John’s “Pinball Wizard” music video from 1975 by featuring his emblematic star glasses, piano keys, and music notes from the song “Rocket Man.”

It also stands out as one of the rarest items within the company’s collections including collaborations with Grimes and Snoop Dogg.

Besides the aesthetic value, fans will enjoy a series of access tokens unlocking fan experiences as part of the Rocket Club.

But the biggest component of the auction is giving back. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which is dedicated to overcoming the stigma and neglect obstructing the end of the AIDS virus.

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