Emirates Airlines to accept Bitcoin as a payment option

Written By Simon Mwebaze

The real-world utility of blockchain is becoming unignorable. Many brands are taking the next step of incorporating and using Web3. Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the metaverse are becoming part of their daily operations.

Most recently, we have a major airline industry player joining the ranks.

Emirates Airlines is the leading flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates. The company has always embraced technology to improve. Technology boosted business processes, customer experiences, and new skills and experiences for employees.

Recently, they have announced plans to enter the digital asset space. To make their customer offering faster and more flexible, they have incorporated Bitcoin as a payment gateway.

Soon, there are more plans to add NFTs and the metaverse. Customers will be able to trade NFTs on the company website. The metaverse will create an interactive operation, training, and sales experience.

But what would all these plans be without adequate resources?

Emirates also plans to hire new staff dedicated to NFTs and the metaverse. More so, the Chairman and CEO of Emirates Airline and Group, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, said,

“We are excited about the opportunities in the digital space of the future and are committing a significant investment in financial and resourcing terms to develop products and services using advanced technologies that will deliver on revenue, brand experience, and business efficiencies,”

Big brands like Emirates as setting the course for other airlines. Maybe we will see more using Web3 applications soon?

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