Freedom Squares NFTs Bring Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Blockchain is more than crypto, gaming, and music – it’s a platform for social good that can bring necessary aid to humanitarian causes.

Case in point: Freedom Squares.

Inspired by Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s March 1, 2022, speech to the EU when he said, “Every square today, no matter what it’s called, is going to be called Freedom Square, in every city of our country,” the NFT collection features 6,580 unique pieces by global artists, designers, engineers, and humanitarians.

The NFTs have three categories — Freedom Squares, Special Edition Freedom Squares, and the Guardian collection — and four themes: Liberty, Courage, Peace and Trust.

The collection will drop in May 2022 in three phases – an auction, an early access list, and the main drop.

After paying sales taxes, proceeds will go to partner charities providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians. One of the partners in the project is Community Organized Relief Effort, which Sean Penn and Ann Lee founded to mobilize a powerful network of doctors, emergency workers, and government officials to take immediate action during the Haiti earthquake crisis in 2010.

We appreciate this collection for bringing much-needed hope to war-stricken Ukrainians. Learn more about it on Twitter. 

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