From Lands to Jobs: Parcel Shares How to Make the Most of the Metaverse

Written By Aira De Guzman

Web 3.0 has been making huge waves in the news – with the Metaverse being one of its hottest topics.

Despite a lot of interest, not a lot of people understand it or know how to get involved.

So, what exactly is the Metaverse? Metaverses are virtual worlds where you can dive into the internet instead of surfing it!

In an effort to clear up any confusion about this new technology, we invited Parcel’s Co-Founder and CTO Ian Mukherjee to one of our Twitter Spaces to clear it up! Ian dove into all things metaverse as experts and enthusiasts joined in. Listen here to get answers to questions, like:

  1. What is the metaverse?
  2. What metaverses are there?
  3. How much is the land?
  4. How is land valued?
  5. How can you buy land?
  6. How can you get involved?

Want more? Listen to the show now on the REWIND podcast – hosted by Meta Art Co-founder Kelly Ann Collins. Rewind features replays of every Twitter Space we’ve done – and more!


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