Her Eminent Reign: Honoring Black Women through Modern Imagery

Written By Aira De Guzman

NFTs have lots of value beyond just being art. Many movements are using NFTS to recognize, serve and improve the situation of minority groups. One of the movements making significant strides is Her Eminent Reign (HER): The MoveMINT. 

HER was founded by Myrina “Renaissance” Otey-Myton. She learned photography from her dad as early as 10 years old and returned to her passion when she lost her job in 2016. Currently, she is a fashion, portrait, and event photographer. 

Black women from the past have played a pivotal role in creating and paving the way for black women today but barely got the recognition they deserve. 

With a women-only production team, Myrina created Her Eminent Reign (HER): The MoveMINT to honor and recognize the historical significance of Black women. 

How does HER do this? By collaborating with multiple women artists on visual projects. The project focuses on reimagining and recreating images of historical Black women with a modern twist including NFTS. 

Her Eminent Reign: The MoveMINT exhibition was held on March 12, 2022, at The Dark Room at The Grandel. 

The women featured in 2022 include Fredrika Washington, Debbie Allen, Hazel Scott, and Lois K. Alexander-Lane. 

As a collector, you will have access to short film features, the trailer for the H.E.R. Monologue Series, raffles & giveaways, unlockable content about fun facts & re-enactments of the different figures, and much more. 

The initiative is not just about creative pictures. Proceeds from the sales will be donated towards supporting women or black-owned organizations supporting women. The proceeds benefit initiatives involved with fashion, positive birth outcomes, youth self-esteem, confidence projects, and homeschool cooperatives. 

Some of the beneficiaries from the proceeds include Sovereign University, a Doula Scholarship Fund, purchasing Metro Bus posters for under-represented and under-educated neighborhoods in STL & Illinois, and paying artists and professionals involved in the project. 

The MoveMINT is providing the necessary recognition deserved by women of color from the past. More importantly, artists can showcase their talent while benefitting from initiatives creating a better world for women of color.

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