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Are you ready to accelerate your NFT Collection? Apply for our “Marketing and Mentorship” program today! The goal is to amplify creators working to make a difference in the world through the use of NFTs.

Digital Artist
Astro Girls

Astro Girls is a team of five girlfriends that is working with an incredible renowned female artist who cares deeply about empowering and bringing extraordinary women talent into the space. Their mission is simple: to smash the gender gap and demystify crypto. So, obviously, we adore this project.

Digital Artist
Maddy Bergen

Maddy has started her own business and now works as a VC Analyst and at a start-up incubator. She has experienced the lack of female founders in the landscape first hand, which pushed her to start Angel Alliance and make a difference. We love the passion and energy she puts into her work.

Digital Artist
Food Frogs

Food Frogs is a limited, hand-drawn NFT collection of 10,000 randomly generated frogs. What we love about them? The Food Frogs collection has a vibrant community that works to uplift voices through community chats featuring female artists, BIPOC creators and causes. 

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Meta Art is a space for creators, by creators who want to help create a better world for everyone, everywhere.

That’s why we showcase inspiring artists from around the globe and amplify digital art with a purpose. 

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September 30, 2022
Standing still in web3 is not an option. Finance, entertainment, retail, social media, and auction houses are all looking for a bit of the web3 pie. This week, Mastercard made some card adjustments, Christie’s moved into NFT marketplaces, Meta added...
September 22, 2022
There is never time to sleep in Web3. Close your eyes and you will miss out on a new project or a new brand entering the space. This week, Coinbase, OpenSea, and Kucoin added features while Billboard and the PGA...
September 16, 2022
Another week with exciting projects has come to a close. There were developments in the electornics, music, automotive, and sports sectors. Sony filed NFT media trademarks, Ford followed suit while the NBA, David Bowie, and “She Will” revealed plans for...
September 16, 2022
It has been another interesting week in the world of NFTs. Some familiar projects are adding to their portfolio while others are just beginning. This week, Moonbirds has plans to continue dominating the NFT space, Johnnie Walker announces their fifth...
August 23, 2022
Web3 cannot be stopped. It has recreated pieces of music history, incorporated the sports world, and become a part of our lifestyles. This week,  Anthony Hopkins brought a touch of Hollywood to NFTs, Stepn, Binance, Rarible, and OneOf formed partnerships...
August 17, 2022
Metatrekkers is on a mission to educate and build a community so people can participate fully in the metaverse. Metatrekkers offers tours of the metaverse, crypto webinars, access to exclusive parties, a chance to own metaverse real estate shares, and...
August 17, 2022
ICYMI, the Web3 world continues to expand in all directions with unexpected collaborations, Lamborghini dropping its third collection, and the creators of “Community” and “Rick and Morty” premiering an NFT-powered animated comedy show. Dan Harmon is behind “Krapopolis,” which is...
August 17, 2022
If you like hanging out at Starbucks, your favorite location may be headed to a digital address if CMO Brady Brewer and Advisor Adam Brotman get their way. Starbucks is looking hard at how NFTs will evolve their loyalty program,...
August 13, 2022
This week has a lot of reasons for cheer in the blockchain community. Cryptocurrency prices are on the rise, which is great for blockchain projects. Notably, the Pudgy Penguins’ floor is up; NFT Tech has partnered with WTT; and Coca-Cola,...
August 5, 2022
As another week comes to an end, Web3 is seeing the dawn of new projects. The industry is rife with innovation and this week was no different. Brands like Gucci, Tiffany & Co, Magic Eden, Meta, and an unusual one,...
August 1, 2022
Loyalty has always been the holy grail of consumer brands, and Budweiser is one of many brands banking on NFTs to cement buyer relationships. Investor-backed Hang is the latest B2B-focused start-up to assist companies in replacing their traditional loyalty programs...
August 1, 2022
Sports and entertainment memorabilia has always been big business but has faced authentication challenges and had to battle forgeries and other scams. Autograph is the latest NFT platform aimed at reinventing the memorabilia market and putting control back in the...