How to navigate around Decentraland

Written By CJ

Having trouble navigating through the Metaverse?

Follow these simple steps (and the video presentation, below) to navigate through the 90,000 parcels in Decentraland. You can find parties, casino games, NFT launch parties, and plenty of other things to do with these instructions.

Getting started
When you teleport into the Metaverse, you will end up at a location called Genesis Plaza. The only time you won’t end up there as your starting point is if you used a direct event link from a Twitter post or the page.

How to walk around
Use the arrow keys or WASD on your keyboard to go forward, backwards, left and right. The touch pad can be used to move the camera around your avatar to move in different directions. If you would like to switch between first person point of view and third person use the letter V or the wheel on your mouse. If you’re right-handed, I highly recommend using a mouse and WASD, if your left handed use a mouse with the arrow keys to navigate around more efficiently.

How to chat with others
Press enter to access and use the chat box, type in what you would like to say and press enter to send message to everyone in your vicinity. Pressing enter again after sending message will deselect chat box and bring up your cursor.

How to jump
The space bar is used for jumping, which will become useful at certain parcels (parcels are the word used for Decentraland’s virtual real estate land plots) – because you may have to jump upwards on stairs or through an obstacle course – also known as metaverse parkour. Use a combination of moving forward (Letter W or UP arrow) with the space bar to jump forward.

Accessing the map
If you would like to access the map in Decentraland use letter M when chat box is not selected. This will allow you to manually browse the map. If you see a golden star that is called a point of interest. The community of Decentraland is a part of a DAO in which we vote on what parcels we would consider points of interest. Parcels need 4,000,000 VP to get approved for this star! You can also type into the chatbox /GOTO (First coordinate, second coordinate) to automatically teleport to the location. The map runs off of coordinates just like battleship. It has positive and negative coordinates to navigate around easily.

Finding hotspots
You can also access highlights, places and events that are trending by using letter X, which will show the most populated areas in Decentraland. (The top 3 most popular spots / highlights are usually two casinos spots and Wonder Mine.) Spots rank by how many people are currently in the land.

Understanding realms
One last really important thing is to know that there are realms in Decentraland. The main one is usually DG but there are 11 different realms. Once you select the map you will see which realm you are in under the Decentraland logo and name in top-left corner. You can switch realms by pressing WARP in on the realm of your choice. Most of us hang out in DG realm unless it is under maintenance, which happens monthly due to upgrades and UI (user interface changes).

You can freely roam the map manually as well. Walk from parcel to parcel and discover new locations every day. Each piece of land can be changed at any time to different builds in the same location. Decentraland looks completely different from when I started back in December 2021, which is fun because you’ll only be able to experience these events when they are happening live!

Don’t miss out on any more events! I’m DJing Wednesday at Portion Museum at 11am PT (Coordinates 50,100), Wisher Vodka at 5pm PT (Coordinates 4,-111), at MAD Plaza at 2pm PT (Coordinates 44, -125), and Friday at Metaparty at 3pm PT (Coordinates 2,16). 

See you in the Metaverse!



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