HTC launches metaverse-friendly smartphone

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Smartphones are making their move toward blockchain and metaverse compatibility. Since your phone is always with you, why shouldn’t you have easy access to a metaverse near you?

Recently, HTC has shared its plans of launching a metaverse-friendly smartphone. Are you ready?

HTC has been in the blockchain smartphone game before. In 2018, they released the Exodus 1. Soon after, they released its predecessor, the more affordable Exodus 1S. The two phones did not do so well leading to its market share declining to less than half a percent the same year.

But you can never keep a good soldier down. The Desire 22 Pro is the hope of reviving HTC’s metaverse hopes. The metaverse-friendly smartphone comes off the heels of its predecessor the HTC Desire 21 Pro. it offers mid-range features and retails for $490/£399 and will be available from August 1st.

What can you expect from the smartphone?

  • NFT functionality
  • A digital wallet to manage crypto assets, and
  • Compatibility with the Vive Flow VR headset to access the Viverse.

But the headsets are not exclusive to HTC smartphones. You can still use them across other smartphone brands.

If HTC’s metaverse move rings some bells, it’s because Solana just did something similar. Solana released its smartphone, the Solana Saga, to enable secure crypto and NFT transactions.

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