Impact Women NFTs: Working to Combat Domestic Violence in Brazil

Written By Aira De Guzman

Domestic violence creates an unsafe environment for women that makes it difficult for them to live freely and thrive.

It is not enough to only talk about how we can influence positive change, we must be part of that positive change.

Impact Women NFT is doing a remarkable job in the fight against domestic violence and abuse of women in Brazil. Its NFTs are handmade exquisite artworks by renowned, talented, and award-winning illustrator Manu Cunhas that showcase and celebrate women. 

With Brazil sitting fifth in the world for homicides, and domestic violence at an all-time high, one woman is raped every 11 minutes, 503 women face aggression every hour, five beatings occur every two minutes and a woman is killed every two hours. 

Impact Women NFT is working toward reducing these crimes. 

The collection is split into phases. The first phase will feature 20 artworks of remarkable and high-impact historic women that will be auctioned to benefit 8 nonprofit organizations. Ten NFT artworks will be auctioned while the other 10 will be sold at a fixed price. The campaign ends end on May 31st, 2022, with offers and surprises in the metaverse including airdrops and special parties. 

Seventy percent of the proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations, 12% to Manu Cunhas, another 12% to Doare (the project producer and social enterprise company), and finally, 6% to MOSS for carbon credits. 

Impact Women NFT is making it possible to combine art and celebrating amazing women with a philanthropic cause working for women. That is why we love them.

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