KarineDAO’s NFT Collection for Female Empowerment

Written By Aira De Guzman

In 2021, NFTs made more than 11 million sales but unfortunately, the representation of women in the NFT market was a meager 16%. This shows there is plenty of room for women to get informed and empowered to participate in NFTs. 

KarneDAO was started by Karine Cheong, a beauty veteran, with more than 10 years of experience in the beauty and health industry. Her primary motivation for creating KarineDAO is to create an influential community empowered to attract more women into NFTs and support entrepreneurship. 

The project is based on three core principles; getting more women NFT traders and collectors into the NFT space, creating a sense of community among members, and getting members’ businesses running. 

KarineDAO has the Karine NFT project with 1515 digital NFT collectibles, minted on 17 March 2022. Each Karine NFT has unique tangible benefits including access to both Karine’s local and global businesses, partnerships, and collaborations with other companies.

How does KarineDAO implement its three core principles to NFT holders?

  • Access to ‘KarineDAO Tank’-style series for female empowerment. Shortlisted NFT holders can present their ideas to the community which chooses the projects to support. 
  • Opportunities to grow and learn through exclusive training in entrepreneurship and personal development. Learn to create NFTs, launch them on NFT platforms, and break into the NFT space. 
  • Access to hyper-exclusive merchandise and discounts in cosmetics, supplements, and skincare. Plus, holders can participate in creating products that will be produced by Karine’s factory in Korea and only accessible to community members. 
  • Business growth opportunities by sharing resources and networks. 

The success of KarineDAO projects has been possible through the support of a dedicated team. Core members of the team include:

  • Hong Qi Yu, KarineDAO’s Project Advisor and the CEO of Tokenize Xchange.
  • Alson Chia, Project Manager of KarineDAO and the Head of Operations & Trading of Tokenize Xchange
  • William Charlton, KarineDAO’s Community Manager responsible for business development at Tokenize Xchange.

The future for women in NFTs looks bright thanks to KarineDAO. 

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