KPMG enters the Metaverse with $30M investment in Web3 employee training

Written By Simon Mwebaze

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced individuals and companies to get creative to take advantage of the opportunities in Web3.

Since more people are spending time at home, the Metaverse is the answer to enabling interaction between individuals and their favorite companies.

KPMG, one of the world’s top four accountancy firms, is on the ball. With a $30 million investment, it’s preparing the ground for a collaborative hub to assist its workers and clients in pursuing career options in the digital age.

The hub will facilitate interaction between employees, clients, and others using Web3.

“The Metaverse is a market opportunity, a means of re-engaging talent, and a means of bringing individuals from all over the world together through a new collaborative experience.” Laura Newinski , KPMG deputy chair and CEO in the United States, said.

It will focus on education, cooperation, training, events, and seminars. There are also plans to engage individuals to construct and gradually extend it. The goal of extending the hub is to take advantage of use cases in sectors including healthcare, consumer goods, retail, media, and financial services.

KPMG plans to continue investigating opportunities in the crypto and Web3 sectors. The goal is to co-create new tools and solutions that provide:

  • critical insights,
  • launch immersive learning and development platforms,
  • recruit talent to contribute knowledge and
  • help navigate the changing confluence of the physical and digital worlds.


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