Linktree partners with OpenSea to launch new NFT features

Written By Simon Mwebaze

You have accounts with different social media platforms. Working across them can be difficult without the right tool.

But with Linktree, you can harmonize your accounts and monetize your following. One page for all your social media links will make your experience convenient and seamless.

Besides creating convenience and harmony across social media, Linktree is adding NFT features. Do you own NFTs? Are you a creator or enthusiast? This may be something you will love.

In partnership with OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, the new features will empower the creator community. How? By enabling them to monetize their craft and curate a digital identity.

Creators get to showcase, curate, and grow these digital offerings.

What features can you expect?

  • NFT Gallery link that will allow users to display NFTs on their Linktree. Additionally, you can add the URL of an OpenSea collection.  Users will need to connect their MetaMask wallet to verify ownership.
  • NFT profile image and background features enable users to use their NFTs as a profile image or background as long as their wallet is connected. MetaMask and OpenSea will power this verification.
  • NFT lock allows creators to lock their links with a smart contract. Visitors can access the link if they own NFTs from a particular collection. They will need to prove ownership by connecting their wallets.

Linktree is not the pioneer of social media experimenting with NFTs. Other social media companies such as Meta, Twitter, and Instagram have made some headway in adding NFT features.

Social media is making its way into integrating with NFTs.

This move is a display of its continued support of creators and collectors. By allowing them to display their NFTs, they can build strong NFT communities. Isn’t that what NFTs are all about?

What’s not to love?


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