Looney Tunes NFT collection asks, ‘What’s Up Block?’

Written By Simon Mwebaze

One of the most popular cartoons of all time is coming to the world of NFTs. No, we are not talking about Family Guy, but rather a more family-friendly one.

Looney Tunes is getting a run at NFTs with its first collection. Following the success of other NFTs – such as The Matrix and Space Jam: A New Legacy – Warner Bros will launch its third NFT collection.

Warner Bros will not be working on this by itself. It will collaborate with NFT platform Nifty on the project. More so, it will use blockchain technology from the Palm NFT network.

“We think that blockchain and NFTs and web3, in general, is going to be a great evolution in entertainment,” Head of NFT Commercial Development for Warner Bros Josh Hackbarth said. “It doesn’t need to be really deep, deep storytelling; it is about gags and gimmicks and really recognizable characters, so it was a fun one to dig into.”

The collection – dubbed “Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block?” – features digital NFT avatars that holders can use on social media. The NFTs will follow a story approach to make them more engaging for holders.

So what Looney Tunes can you expect? It will feature some of the popular Looney Tunes most of us grew up loving. It will start with Tweety, followed by Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian.

What is up for grabs for NFT holders? You get access to a community that will enjoy access to events, merchandise discounts, exclusive content, and other value-adding drops.

“When you mint an NFT, you mint a community,” Nifty CEO Jeff Marsilio said. “The key to value in the NFT space comes from this idea of community. … A community where not only are you being social, but you are getting new opportunities to experience the IP that you love, and you are being rewarded for that participation.”

Warner Bros is among other Hollywood entertainment companies moving into NFTs. Others include ESPN and Spike Lee’s studios.


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