NBA Top Shot drops Magic Johnson NFT collection

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Magic Johnson – five-time NBA Champion, three-time MVP, and NBA Hall of Famer – has entered the NFT space.

Now, fans can have a piece of five of his special moments by owning an NFT with “The Anthology: Magic Johnson” collection – created in collaboration with NBA Top Shot.

The collection features moments from his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, representing different periods of his career. The goal of the collection is to bring memorable moments from his career to his fans worldwide.

The moments are:

  • Baby hook in the 1987 NBA Finals
  • Around-the-back pass to Byron Scott
  • A special moment from the 1980 NBA Finals
  • Fancy pass to Scott
  • Regulation game-winner vs. the Boston Celtics

“I’m really excited to partner with NBA Top Shot to release my first NFTs and bring some of my favorite moments from my career to fans everywhere. Fans get to see just a few of my favorite plays from my career,” Johnson said.

Each of the 1,600 anthology packs contain one guaranteed Magic Johnson Moment NFT at the Rare or Legendary rarity level. NBA Top Shot customers with at least 150,000 points will enjoy access to an airdop of 1,200 packs while the remaining 400 packs will go to other buyers irrespective of their Top Shot core. Each will cost $399.

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