Mandox Helps to Restore Boy’s Hearing

Written By Aira De Guzman

The blockchain is more than currencies, games, and NFTs. It is a force for good for many impactful social causes helping vulnerable people across the globe. 

Mandox is a blockchain movement bringing hope to people suffering from poverty and desperate realities. It is an Ethereum-based crypto project focused on bridging cryptos and NFTs while making a difference with a charity feature.  

The Mandox ecosystem consists of Mandox Play, Mandox Mint, $Mandox, Mandox Edu, and Mandox Create. But its most outstanding initiative is the Mission Wallet to help those in need. 

Two percent of transactions using Mandox’s token, $Mandox, are directed to its Mission Wallet. The proceeds contribute to charitable causes. For example, in Guatemala, where the project benefits several poverty alleviation initiatives. 

What has Mandox achieved so far with the Mission Wallet? 

  • 1,000 Gifts and Blankets for Christmas to 1,000 kids from Mission Guatemala.
  • Mandox paired with Crypto Dragon and funded his project in Chattanooga, and with the funds, we were able to buy 20 Heaters for the community there.
  • An Original Mad Mando NFT was put up for auction and all of the earnings, resulting in $5000, were donated to the Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.
  • MANDOX will be giving 2 ETH monthly for Missions’ Guatemala school, providing more than 200 kids with all of their school supplies.

Recently, Mandox also worked to helped to restore a young boy’s hearing. David was dropped on his head when he was 6 months old and suffered permanent brain damage. He has 80% hearing in one ear and complete deafness in the other. When the Mission came across David and his mother, they needed better housing since they were living in a hut they’d rented that was also inhabited by chickens. 

The Mission purchased David and his mother a better home, and worked to help restore David’s hearing through the Cyborx NFT Mint, which raised $5,000 for hearing aids. 

Cyborx is the second tribe of Mandox’s 10,000 NFT collection. It is a 1,000 NFT drop of an alien race traveling the cryptoverse. The whitelist price was 0.08 ETH and the public sale price (at launch) was 0.09 ETH. 

Mandox is positively impacting the cryptoverse for crypto enthusiasts and artists alike while making a beneficial real-world difference. And we love that. 

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