NFTs Are Real: Here are Some Places You Can See NFTs IRL

Written By Kelly Ann Collins

One of the biggest criticisms of NFTs is the very thing that makes them so unique: They’re not a physical entity. People and critics who are less familiar with how the blockchain works may say “NFT’s aren’t real.” Well, there are some people around the US who are looking to change that. NFT museums are helping bring NFT’s to life! Check them out below!

Seattle NFT Museum

The Seattle NFT Museum is the first of its kind. Opening in January 2022, featuring popular artists and new mintings in their showroom. According to their website, “This Belltown showroom is a place to educate and connect the budding NFT community in the Pacific Northwest while introducing it to works and artists from around the world.”

I’m Not Art

A play on NFT criticisms, I’m Not Art is a budding NFT museum in Chicago featuring curated drops and aiming to help educate people on what an NFT is. What’s unique about this museum is that true to the design of NFTs and the Metaverse, you can physically visit or choose to digitally visit this museum at your discretion making it an inclusive design.

Miami NFT Week

Miami is ahead of its time featuring its forward-focused NFT week. From what we can tell, it’s the SXSW of the Metaverse. Stay tuned to catch clips from notable speakers, or if you’re in the area consider checking it out yourself!

It looks like NFTs are here to stay. Next time a friend tries to tell you otherwise, invite them to check out any of these live NFT displays, sometimes it takes someone to see something in person, before they’re ready to believe.

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