Nissi Ogulu to launch ‘Jigsaw Tribe’ collection in collaboration with Binance Charity’s ‘NFT for Good’

Written By Simon Mwebaze

NFTs have real-world utility, which adds value for collectors and gives back to the community.

One of the latest NFT projects doing that is the ”Jigsaw Tribe” NFT collection.

Nissi Ogulu will be launching the “Jigsaw Tribe” NFT collection in collaboration with the Binance Charity’s NFT for Good initiative, which will be available on the Binance NFT marketplace Monday, May 30, 2022. 

The collection includes unique pieces exploring the musical heritage of Africa through ancient yet animated instruments. Each puzzle piece represents different facets of life and music.

“What excites me is the fact that African music and culture are finally getting the renown and success they so richly deserve as being integral to global music and creativity,” Nissi said. “So, the collection is my artistic take on bringing the continent’s vibrant music tradition and all-around creative brilliance to the world, this time in an animated way.”

What can holders expect from the collection? Benefits may include invitations to live events and art exhibitions, invitations to concessions on signed and printed digital art pieces, and allowlist privileges for future NFT drops. 

The collection will also give back to the Nigerian community. A percentage of proceeds from the collection will go to The Reach, an Ogulu family initiative – which will provide 6,000 meals a month for underprivileged people in Nigeria along with other ad hoc community initiatives. 


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