OpenSea x ApeCoin x Otherside: What’s Next for ApeCoin?

Written By Kelly Ann Collins

Hey frens,

Not gonna lie, I am loving ApeCoin.

From the Otherside news via the Bored Ape Yacht Club creators at Yuga Labs to APE becoming the largest Metaverse token by market cap, it’s been a fun ride. And that’s expected to continue – especially since OpenSea announced (today!) that ApeCoin can now be used to make purchases on its platform.

So there is definitely more excitement to come. Who’s ready? (Me!)

This weekend, the action continues when more than $300 million worth of Metaverse land plots will sell as NFT “deeds” to virtual real estate in Otherside at 305 ApeCoins, or about $6,000 USD, each — which could be the biggest NFT launch ever (says Financial Times).

With all the great news from Shiba Inu, to these new developments at ApeCoin – and everything else in DeFi – 2022 is shaping up to be an incredible year! If you are online right now, I am in this Twitter Space. Lots of people are chatting about the news, including Yuga investor 3LAU. Interesting insights.


P.S. This is not financial advice. 😀

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