OpenSea steps up copy detection features

Written By Simon Mwebaze

While NFTs are enjoyable, scams ruin the fun.

Have you experienced a rug pull? Or any other NFT scam? If you have, this is not something you would want to experience again. Not for you or anybody else.

OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, has had its fair share of scams. But it has a great history of making good on those issues.

Not so long ago, in February, scammers impersonated OpenSea employees to access their wallets. To stop this, OpenSea rolled out a new verified customer support system.

Recently, they are adding new features to detect counterfeit NFTs. More so, the features will also reduce instances of plagiarism and imitation.

The main goal is to counter “copymints”.

What are copymints? They are fake tokens ripping off original NFTs by selling users mirrored versions of them.

What help are the new features to this challenge? The new system has a new two-part copy detection system. It has image recognition technology and human reviewers who will look at removal recommendations.

After scanning NFTs on OpenSea, the platform will compare them with authentic collections. This will help them find flips, rotations, and other variations to remove fake NFTs.

The system has two goals:

  • remove all existing copymints on OpenSea
  • prevent new copymints from appearing in the first place.

Nipping copymints in the bud will allow creators, artists, and their community to navigate the NFT world confidently. The assurance of authentic NFTs will create a safe and valuable NFT experience that NFT enthusiasts love.

We appreciate it.

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