Origin Story: Artists Unite for Ukraine

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Nobody wishes war in their neighborhood, near their loved ones or upon any stranger living anywhere in the world. There is no good in the loss of lives, property and peace of mind. 

Currently, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has created a state of panic, uncertainty and horror among Ukrainian citizens, young and old. It is necessary to show our humanity by providing support in whatever possible way in such a situation. 

Consider an option recently launched by Origin Protocol’s Origin Story – a platform where creators can sell their NFTs.

Origin recently launched the
Origin Story Charity Drop for Ukraine initiative to assist and provide support during the crisis in Ukraine. All proceeds collected under the charity will be sent to reputable non-profit organizations providing relief to Ukrainians. 

How does this help? While traditional financial institutions suffer insolvency and bank runs, crypto provides an alternative, both as aid and a decentralized option to store funds within 30 seconds. 

NFT artists are playing their part in supporting the Ukrainian crisis through art. They are using their talent to contribute NFTs to the Origin Story NFT Charity Drop.

You can find them on Twitter here:

On the Origin Story website under the Origin Story NFT Charity Drop, you will see beautiful NFTs, including the following; 

  • Victory Shall be Ukraine’s by Keerthi
  • Kiev, Ukraine by GANSY
  • Peace Flowers by SarahScript
  • Bloo Sprite by Zoe Winters
  • Expanded Hearts for Ukraine by Sabet
  • Ukraine – the Bread Basket of Europe by Van Goatee
  • Clowns for Peace by Kevin Page
  • The Rising Flower by PaxRomanArt
  • Glory by Hype Mansion Club
  • Historic Kyiv by Dmitriy Khaykin
  • SUNFLOWER by Miriam Hoffmann
  • Stronger Together by Killer Collective
  • Stand with Ukraine by Shapeverse
  • Uncertainty by Mintang Fitzpatrick

Through the Origin Story Charity Drop for Ukraine, the NFT community is showing the power of NFTs in supporting and assisting war-affected people. This is a show of solidarity with Ukrainians affected by senseless violence. Listen to our Twitter Space to learn more.

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