Primal Pick’Em gives users opportunity to earn $HOOP while making NBA Finals predictions

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Chibi Dinos has already created a great NFT community centered around the game of basketball.

Now, you can earn several rewards by making correct predictions with Primal Pick’Em.

What is Primal Pick’Em? It is the first NFT-backed predictive game — ever! Open to both holders of Chibi Dinos and non-holders, everyone can be a part of the fun and rewards (users earn points from correct predictions). If you do not get your first predictions right, there is no need to panic. The points are cumulative and will be added at the end of the games so you have plenty of time to climb the leaderboard.

While it is open to everyone, holders enjoyed a head start. They got the first shot at making predictions on Game 1, having an earnings multiplier (based on the number of Chibi Dinos owned, and increasing with the amount of $HOOP earned), and the opportunity to win the majority of $HOOP available.

What do you stand to win? At the Primal Pick’Em Store, players will have access to cool new gear, NFTs, awards, tokens, and other prizes. But, possibly most importantly, taking part in Primal Pick’Em will give you the exclusive  opportunity to earn $HOOP before it goes public.

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