Rarible, Blur, Ripple, Warner Bros, and Shopify make Web3 moves

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Before you know it, another week is done. Despite how fast time runs, Web3 is keeping its foot on the accelerator with new projects and features.

What are some of the projects making new Web3 moves this week? Rarible, Blur, Ripple, Warner Bros, and Shopify.

Have a look at what they have been up to below.

Have you been waiting for an NFT aggregator that allows you to find the best NFT prices across marketplaces? Rarible has ended that wait by adding a new aggregator feature to the platform.

The feature means users can buy Ethereum-based digital assets across platforms including Rarible, OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2 and Sudoswap.

Blur, an Ethereum marketplace launched last week on Wednesday. The launch included a promise from the marketplace to airdrop an undisclosed amount of BLUR tokens.

The first free airdrop will be free to claim for the next two weeks but can only be opened in January 2023. Once opened, the tokens will serve as a governing token for the platform.

Ripple has showcased its commitment to Web3 with an allocation of $250 million toward NFT project on the XRP ledger. The fund will provide technical, financial, and co-marketing support to creators.

The fund has attracted metaverse platform 9LEVEL9, Japanese NFT marketplace Anifie, NFT sports platform Capital Block, XRP NFT marketplace NFT Master, NFT IP company SYFR Projects, and more.

The Lord of the Rings is finally coming to the metaverse. The movie series will relaunched as an NFT experience. Fans will be able to buy, sell, and trade movie NFTs in the Warner Bros Movieverse.

The renewed experience will include the movie in 4K, never-seen-before footage, behind-the-scenes stills, and even AR collectibles.

Tezos is extending its NFT experience to Shopify. Through a partnership with Tacos, Tacos, a web3 automation platform, Shopify users will be able to access Tezos NFTs though Taco’s NFT loyalty program.

Tezos has gained popularity in the blockchain industry for its low minting cost and energy efficiency.

With developments like Arner Bros Movieverse and Tezos NFTs being accessible to Shopify users, the relevance of blockchain technology is being cemented. With investments and partnerships between real-world rands and Web3 brands. It shows that there are synergies to be exploited to the benefit of all.

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