Rarible, mfers partner for custom community NFT Marketplace

Written By Simon Mwebaze

NFT marketplaces are where the magic happens for NFT enthusiasts.

NFT lovers can buy, sell, trade, and stay up to date with the latest NFT collections. But most of the marketplaces benefit themselves while abandoning a major aspect of NFT community.

Are the tables turning?

Rarible is attempting to change the narrative through its new partnership with mfers. The two brands plan to create a unique community lead marketplace.

“While aggregated marketplaces are still important to aid discovery and help fuel the broader ecosystem, this custom marketplace will allow fans and community members a place to dive deeper, learn more, and bask in glory what the mfers community has built,” Rarible’s Sunil Singhvi said.

Such marketplaces offer no copyright reservations and allow for the holders to monetize, create and explore all types of utility and applications as a result. One of the greatest examples of this is the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, which allows its holders to take advantage of intellectual property, by creating wines, games, merchandise, and even themed restaurants. “Because most PFP projects are about the community you get to access and the network you get to build, these teams have decided to build a safe place where the community can trade and navigate their NFTs within the brand’s ecosystem,” a Rarible blog post mentioned. “Many community marketplaces, part of the trading fees also goes towards the community/DAO wallet. That way, the community directly benefits from every trade.”

The marketplace launched on June 14 and features CREYZIES – a collection of 10k NFTs that was airdropped to all mfer holders. Additionally, it will have ‘end of sartoshi’ — an open mint edition that Sartoshi announced as its last mint before deleting socials.

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