Retire your autograph book, sports NFTs are the new collectible

Written By Julie Bacon

Sports and entertainment memorabilia has always been big business but has faced authentication challenges and had to battle forgeries and other scams. Autograph is the latest NFT platform aimed at reinventing the memorabilia market and putting control back in the hands of the stars while creating unique fan experiences.

Cofounded by football legend Tom Brady, Autograph will give athletes control over a collection of NFTs complete with the sports star’s signature, further authenticating their collectible. Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, Wayne Gretzky, Naomi Osaka, Tony Hawk, and Usain Bolt are just some of the superstars already delivering exclusive NFTs to insatiable fans.

Autograph taps into the intense fan followings of sports and entertainment legends, focusing on pop culture and nostalgia. Autograph NFTs go beyond sports into movies, gaming, TV series, entertainment, and books.

Autograph NFTs are highly graphic, often 3D digital representations, including magazines, interactive posters, and digital figures of iconic moments in sports. 

In the case of sports, athletes release NFTs depicting iconic moments in their careers and past games as individual NFTs or as part of mystery containers, as in the case of tennis great Rafael Nadal.

Fans earn rewards with their purchases, increasing platform loyalty and encouraging future transactions. Autograph also uses airdrops and partners with DraftKings Marketplace to allow buyers to queue up to purchase the NFT collectible of their choice.

Some Autograph NFTs include IRL experiences such as ride-a-longs and private Zoom meetings with superstars.

Autograph differs from NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day because of its focus on digital 3D-animated statues and adds motion-graphic elements to common collectibles to create unique NFTs. With this focus, Autograph targets die-hard fans who see the value in NFTs as the next collectible. These authenticated digital assets allow mega-fans to share in a pivotal moment of their favorite superstar’s career and deepen their devotion.

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