Satoshi Island: Crypto paradise?

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Everyone loves a lucrative getaway. Maybe in another city, country, or an island with serene sights, sounds, and experiences. 

Would you like to live, work, and have fun with other crypto enthusiasts? Are you looking for a place where everything you do revolves around the blockchain?

This is no longer something you have to imagine. Satoshi Island is making this dream a reality. 

Satoshi Island is named after the anonymous Bitcoin creator.

What are the details about the island?

  • Located in Vanuatu
  • Spans 800 acres with 21,000 individual parcels of land
  • 7 NFT zones that are also known as neighborhoods

As anowner or visitor to the island, you will only be able to perform transactions with Bitcoin and all property will be owned as NFTs. If you plan to build larger buildings, you have the option to buy several parcels near each other and combine them. 

Speaking of building, who will be doing the building? Firstly, the modules resemble shipping containers, with a midcentury aesthetic. James Law Cybertecture, a Hong Kong-based architecture firm, will design them. Each home will be manufactured offsite and shipped to your parcel when completed. 

The modules will be multi-functional. The designs will not just be for homes. They will also include apartments, amenities, and offices. 

Good things come to those who wait. Thus, access to the homes will take some time. Modules will be ready for short-stay visitors in the third quarter of 2022. Permanent movers will be able to move in early 2023. 

With all these awesome plans for the island, how do you get access to it all? Citizenship NFTs. 

Citizenship NFTs will give holders the right to live, work and vote on the island. But, there is a small technicality. The NFT does not give you citizenship in Vanuatu, the jurisdiction of Satoshi Island. 


Want to know how to get a Citizenship NFT? There are 5,620 free citizen NFTs for applicants. You should:

  • Have a valid Ethereum wallet address
  • Have bought, sold, or minted an NFT on OpenSea in the last year OR
  • Be a verified crypto influencer with more than 21,000 Twitter followers.

Satoshi Island will allow crypto enthusiasts to use crypto to own assets, live, and work within a crypto-enabled environment.



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