Self Care & Success: Women in NFTs Share Their Stories

Written By Simon Mwebaze

What would it be like living in a gender-equal world free from stereotypes and discrimination? A diverse and equitable world where women can be who they are and do what they want without being judged?

On International Women’s Day 2022, we hosted a Twitter Spaces event celebrating the achievements of women, raising awareness against discrimination and taking action to support and uplift each other for equality as women.

Listen now for insights from successful and inspirational women as they share their passions, how they are empowering other women and creating amazing women-centred Web 3.0 projects.

Featured Speakers





Hosted by:
Kelly Ann Collins (@itskac), CEO at Vult Lab, Meta Art

Moderated by:
Meta Art (@inthemetaart)

In case you missed it, listen now!

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Originally aired March 8, 2022, on Twitter Spaces.

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