Shiba Inu chooses The Third Floor for ‘SHIB – The Metaverse’ Design, Construction

Written By Aira De Guzman

Shiba Inu’s “SHIB – The Metaverse” ( just received a major push forward with the announcement of The Third Floor (TTF) to lead design and construction. As the largest visualization studio, TTF is known for its work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars films, and many other mega-entertainment projects.

Shiba Inu believes TTF is best suited to bring the vision of “SHIB – The Metaverse” to fruition and showcase Shiba Inu’s history as a community while providing the #ShibArmy with a place to call home.

TTF embraces the vision for “SHIB – The Metaverse” and will bring its talents for visualization and storytelling to create virtual environments, buildings, landmarks, and a marketplace. As a result, users can shape their experiences, gather in-game resources, generate rewards, and have a personal space to cultivate their own projects.

“The Metaverse is offering everyone new opportunities to develop and participate in world-building and the visual universe, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Shiba Inu teams as they innovate within this expanding landscape,” says Dane Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, The Third Floor.

The Metaverse project is in good hands under the watchful eye of the “SHIB – The Metaverse” Advisory Board. The team is loaded with innovators, developers, community leaders, game designers, and Metaverse experts to ensure the wishes of the community are well-heard and reflected in the final result.

To efficiently create “SHIB – The Metaverse” to encompass the entire Shiba Inu Ecosystem, TTF will employ its proven rapid prototyping to quickly take ideas and “looks” from concept into 3D prototypes.

“Through our artists’ commitment to excellence and several leaps in digital production, we can now visualize the scope and scale of a digital world in a way that really does move towards the promise of an infinite number of possibilities and mixed-reality experiences,” says Smith.

The inclusion of TTF accelerates Shiba Inu’s vision to have “SHIB – The Metaverse” serve as a beautiful, virtual community to showcase innovation while providing the #ShibArmy crypto community a home.

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