Spaceground’s Elisabeth Bangoura aims to democratize crypto

Written By Jacob Souch

Spaceground founder, Elisabeth “Eli” Bangoura, is working to change the face of cryptocurrency in more ways than one.

As a Black female founder in the crypto space, Bangoura said she aims to make crypto assets more accessible by bringing physical goods to the Ethereum blockchain

When Spaceground launched, it functioned as a marketplace and wallet, all-in-one, allowing users to take limited edition physical assets they no longer need or want and turn them into Ethereum. Since then, the idea of introducing these physical assets within the crypto framework evolved not only into a trading platform for those goods alone, but for coins, tokens, and fiat.

“I envision Spaceground as a gateway, where users can both see the prices of these physical items like sneakers and collectibles, as well as index and invest in them,” Bangoura told Into The Meta News.

“Limited edition or rare collectibles, such as sneakers and clothing have already heralded a cult following with the advent of the internet marketplace, and even more with brands, like HYPEBEAST, launching their own collectible NFT sneaker artwork.”

Spaceground, and by extension, want to diversify crypto from creator to end user. The ultimate goal, Bangoura said, is to democratize the crypto space and make it easier and faster to trade physical goods and cryptocurrency.

Headquartered in Frankfurt, with employees working remotely across Europe and the United States, Spaceground’s primary goal of accessibility makes it a global affair.

Bangoura, presently based in Germany, is working with her team of entrepreneurs, all of whom have backgrounds in mobile apps and quantum information.

During the next five years, Spaceground says it expects to quadruple its users and listings, with growth trajectory in line to meet its goal of 2,000,000 users by 2024.

Learn more about Spaceground on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. Spaceground is now available for free on iOS and Android.


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