Spike Lee’s Visible Project aims reinvent filmmaking through NFTs

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Filmmaking is leaping into Web3. We already have the likes of Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith getting involved.

And now, Spike Lee is taking a unique approach to filmmaking through NFTs made in collaboration with legacy filmmakers based on their unique IP.

What is he doing? Lee is working to launch a platform called the Visible Project that will support young directors and allow NFT holders to vote on which films get funded. The Visible Project team will also use NFT drops to raise funds for films. Lee will mentor the chosen filmmakers and provide access to production resources. The project will also launch an in-person film festival in Brooklyn, NYC.

“We’re creating a decentralized film studio, where we’re going to be financing short films directly from emerging creators, and every NFT is a vote,” Visible Project Co-founder Eliot Greene said. “So we’re democratizing the Hollywood greenlight process where you get to actually say what content you want to see made.”

The Visible Project will consist of 3,945 Ethereum NFTs powered by Habitat Labs. The still images portray the character Mars Blackmon in “She’s Gotta Have It.” Each image originates from the original 35mm print of the film. But, with unique features including generative effects, frames, and other details.

The filmmaking industry is adopting the power of Web3. Besides the Visible project, other filmmaking brands are taking on Web3, including Decentralized Pictures, Mogul Productions, Shibuya, and Kilroy Was Here NFTS.

In Spike Lee’s words, “The horse is out the barn, as they say.”

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