Starbucks Sets Sights on Web3 Future

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Many popular brands are making moves into Web3. It is no longer a secret that companies such as McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and lately, Starbucks, have more than an interest in the power of Web3.

Starbucks’ CEO announced the coffeehouse’s plans to enter the NFT business. Its mission is to capitalize on the “third place”.

What is the “Third Place”? It is the place right between home and the workplace. It is the creation of a global digital community that revolves around coffee.

Later, there are plans to expand to other areas where Starbucks has participated. These include music, art, and books.

Starbucks also plans to create exclusive NFT collections. As an owner, you have access to the community and various benefits and experiences.

The NFT themes are based on Starbucks’ artistic expressions and world-class collaborations. Collaborations will include other innovators and like-minded brands.

While few details have been revealed, we can expect the first sight of these by end of the year.

We will be watching

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