The Tezos Foundation Commits £1m to collect NFTs by African and Asian artists

Written By Simon Mwebaze

There are several barriers to entry and success for creators and artists in the NFT world. Nobody understands this more than NFT creators and artists in Africa and Asia.

Reid Yager, Tezos’s global director of communications, says, “While the NFT art movement has lowered barriers to entry for artists and other creatives across the globe and ushered in a new medium for the art world, hurdles to adoption such as regulatory and useability concerns remain, and access to cryptocurrencies that power NFTs is fragmented.”

But there is light starting to shine in this dark tunnel.

In 2017, the Tezos blockchain launched the Tezos Foundation. The Tezos Foundation is the non-profit arm of the Tezos blockchain with access to around £1bn in funds.

Recently, the Foundation has announced a £1m fund to create a permanent collection of non-fungible token (NFT) art. Their website will host the digital art gallery. Misan Harriman, the digital photographer will manage the project.

What will Misan do? He will get works by “up-and-coming” artists from Africa and Asia.

Why Africa and Asia? Because they suffer underrepresentation in the NFT community.

Harriman commented,” As the first curator of this collection I want to make sure the world sees the diverse voices that are making truly extraordinary work with crypto art. We will be the custodian for this new community of creatives.”

This is not their first tangle with the art world. They have collaborated with German digital artist Mario Klingemann. This was at the most recent edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach. During summer, they will be the official blockchain partner of Art Basel.

It looks like we will see more entry, exposure, and success for African and Asian NFT creators and artists.

Who would not love getting behind an awesome project like this?

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